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  • I'm attending an event, where do I purchase my ticket?"
    You will need to check with the hostess that invited you to the party (or the venue if the party is open to the public). Tickets are not available for purchase on the GOTG website. If you don’t know the name of the hostess or venue, Contact Us and we can help you track it down!
  • Can I pay at the party?
    In some cases yes, but you will need to check with your Hostess. It is recommended that you purchase your ticket before the party as this helps your hostess and Gallery Guide prepare for your event!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We look forward to partying with you, but we understand life happens. All of our Gallery Guides are independent contractors, and as such set their own cancellation and refund policy for their events. Typically for paint party events we request 24 hour notice prior to the event of any cancellations. Project events are a little trickier as there are supplies involved that might not be able to be returned. Check with your Gallery Guide to confirm their cancellation policy.
  • Are tips expected?
    We appreciate tips in monetary form (who doesn’t?) but we also LOVE tips in the form of referrals, reviews on our Facebook page or sharing our business card with your friends!
  • What supplies do you provide?
    Each painter has their own table top easel, palette, brush set, water cup, canvas and apron.
  • How long is a typical party?
    Events range between 2-2.5 hours for adult events, just depending on how chatty your group is, and about 1.5-2 hours for youth events. And we’ll need a half hour for set up and a half hour for clean up. Your Gallery Guide will review the schedule with you.
  • Do I need to cover my furniture or carpet?
    We bring canvas drop cloths to cover the floor and nearby furniture if needed, as well as table cloths to cover the tables and counters. Acrylic paint easily wipes off of all hard surfaces. Without our hostesses opening up their homes to us we would not have a business, so we do our absolute best to avoid any accidents and spills.
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule my event?
    We can generally accommodate your first choice in date and time – even those last minute party requests. Of course, the sooner we get your date on the calendar, the better. You can always move or change your party date, if needed, without any cancellation fees.
  • Are there any hidden fees I should know about?
    Believe it or not there is NO fine print anywhere. You know why? Because we don’t like fees or fine print either! There are no set up fees, hidden fees, or travel fees. The only exception would be if you live outside of our regular service area then your Gallery Guide may ask you to have a minimum number of guests or pay a small fee to cover their time and cost of travel.
  • Is this paint by number?
    No, that wouldn’t be any fun! Believe it or not you will start with a blank white canvas! We do have artwork selections that use a template to trace the outline of the painting, so if that is something you're interested in just ask your Guide for more info!
  • Can the Guide instruct 2 paintings at my party?
    This is one of those ‘go ask dad’ type questions. It is very difficult to demonstrate two painting selections at a party. So it’s not really a “no” but it’s not likely a “yes” either, you’ll have to ask your Gallery Guide.
  • I want to host a party. What is your party minimum?
    Our awesome team of Gallery Guides are all independent contractors, and as such set their own pricing and minimums for their business. Typically the minimum party size is 8-10 paid guests, but you will need to check with your Gallery Guide to confirm.
  • What is the largest party you can accommodate?
    It really depends on your space and location. We have done parties for as small as 5 to over 2,000! Our Perfect Party is the Hostess plus 10 friends, but we can accommodate any size group you have the space for. Just be sure and chat with your Gallery Guide so they can make arrangements to bring extra supplies and help if needed. Planning a big corporate event? Our Special Events department can help you design an interactive art experience perfect for your next big occasion!
  • What do I need to provide?
    The most important thing that our hostess provides is the space to paint including tables and chairs. We’ve painted in basements, garages, patios, living rooms….as long as there is light we can paint anywhere! You’ll also want to provide drinks and snacks, or you can ask your friends to pot-luck it. Keep the snacks simple – a pre-mixed cocktail and a fun dessert is perfect. You’ll find guests want to paint more than eat! Of course we’ve had those parties with the full spread, but it’s all to your preference and budget!
  • What if I want to host a party but don't have the space in my home?
    We have partner venues and a list of creative ideas to help you have a party. We have done parties outdoors at parks, in coffee shops, restaurants and bars. Ask your Gallery Guide for ideas!
  • How much space does each painter need?
    Each painter will take up a regular place setting, just as if they were sitting at your table to eat. For example, if your dining table has six place settings, that’s how many painters can comfortably paint at your table. Bar stools and counters work great too! Card tables fit four painters perfectly.
  • What is the recommended age for a kid's party?
    We recommend 6 because that is the age most kids have the attention span to sit and follow instructions, but we have had some 4 and 5 year olds knock our socks off with their mad painting skills! We typically just leave it up to the parent as you know your child best. Just check with your Gallery Guide!
  • What if I have more than 10 painters at my youth party?
    And you just might, because everyone will want to come! The youth party package is for up to 11 painters, but if you have extra painters you can pay an extra painter charge. Just check with your Gallery Guide!
  • What if I have fewer than 10 painters for my youth party?
    The price remains the same or you can convert to our standard per person pricing. Check with your Gallery Guide for more info!
  • Is the youth party only for birthdays?
    Not at all! This is a perfect event for scouts, after school parties, no school days, home school students, sports team parties, etc.
  • Can kids paint anything in the Gallery?
    Of course! Our Kids 'n Canvas Gallery features artwork that is perfect for young painters, but kid can paint anything in the Gallery. Your Gallery Guide may suggest simplifying a few steps just to stay on schedule and make it a little more kid-friendly, but our young painters never cease to amaze us with their mad painting skills!
  • I want to paint something that is not in your Gallery. Is that possible?
    We have over 400 paintings to choose from in our Gallery, so chances are pretty good you will find something you want to paint. But if not you can request a custom artwork piece at an additional charge. Just ask your Gallery Guide for more info!
  • What if I have never painted before?
    Great! It’s not about the painting, it’s about the party! We promise you will have an amazing time, and you might even surprise yourself and discover a new talent! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – we promise!
  • What if I am an artist?
    Great! You can paint what we have to offer, or go rogue and show us all up.
  • What size of canvas do you use?
    Our standard canvas is an 11×14 canvas board. We love that it’s the perfect size to hang in your home, fits within our time frame to paint, and keeps our service affordable. But we aim to please, so chat with your Gallery Guide about upgrading the canvas at your party. And who says it has to be canvas? We can paint on anything your heart desires from wood to pumpkins to wine glasses!
  • Why don't you use bigger canvas?
    In addition to the question above, it’s because we’re mobile and usually limited on space. Bigger boards need bigger brushes, easels and more paint. They’re also super pricey to frame. Our boards keep us mobile and the best price in town!


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