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More than just a paint party!

GOTG is born!

Gallery On The Go was founded in 2011 when we wanted to go to one of those “painting things” and instead decided to host our own painting party and had a Girls Night IN! We had so much fun, and as a bonus it was half the cost of going to a venue! We decided there had to be more people out there who would appreciate the fun and frugality of an in home painting party!

GOTG grows up!

Our business first started with Girls Night parties with our friends and family, and quickly grew from there! We began offering birthday parties, fundraisers, large corporate events, public venue partnerships, conferences, Pop Up events… turns out there are a lot of people looking for affordable FUN!

The GOTG family!

It wasn’t long before we realized the potential for this business and decided to open the opportunity for others to join in the fun! Our first Independent Gallery Guide joined in April 2012, and we now have a growing family of creative entrepreneurs across the world! Together we are transforming the paint & sip industry into “The Art of Socializing!”


Not a problem!

Join the Team!

Maybe you’re the biz savvy entrepreneur, but can’t draw a straight line. Or, maybe you’re the crafty type, but don’t know a balance sheet from a bowl of cereal. Whatever your skill set, we have the tools and training to bridge the gap. All you need is your party hat and a flair for fun!


If you would like info on how to own your own mobile paint party biz, join us over at Artsy, Inc.!

Artsy, Inc. is a family of creative brands that each serves a niche market in the mobile art entertainment industry. Member brands include Gallery On The Go, Artsy Pop-Up, Art Bar, and Create In The Classroom. Artsy’s primary focus is to help artsy people like you launch and manage their own mobile art entertainment business.

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